The Dark Séance


Experience a magic show wrapped in a ghost story as renowned Séance Guide Lochlan Masters leads you through a theatrical recreation of a Victorian era Seance – a mind-bending and thrilling adventure that will mystify and delight any audience.

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After a brief introduction to Spiritualism, brace yourself for a date with trapped souls committed to one of England’s most infamous insane asylums, and Beatrice, an attendant that once cared for them. Lochlan Masters’ ouija board, tarot cards, and trinkets of dark communion hold unsettling surprises you are not soon to forget.

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Right for me?

The Dark Séance is recommended for anyone looking for a unique dining and theatre adventure beyond their comfort zone. Gather a group of friends to break the trivia night routine for an encounter with the supernatural, or surprise your partner with a charming and exceptionally unusual date.

Amazing, spooky, haunting show! My wife and I are still talking about it. Highly recommended!
Karl Knapp
This was some CREEPY shit ... that's the best I can describe it.
Craig Droessler
Perfectly spooky performance with a mind blowing finale.
Matt Nelson
Kelty Carew
Lochlan spooked us silly and I was with a group of adults!! LOL
Daryna Ou
Might have some weird dreams after experiencing one of these 🙂
Brent Gerlach
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